Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 - Hey, Soul Sister

It's 2014! What to write for my first post in the new year? 

Turning 40? Meh. For a heartbeat last year I let society burrow into my brain like termites, but the rot has been exterminated. Forty is going to be awesome.

Resolutions? The topic has been covered. On New Year's Eve, hubs and I wrote down and burned negatives from 2013. Some notes were actions, some were events, and a few were attitudes. I'd share them but they're gone.

I did the year-in-review on Facebook. Savoring the good is worthwhile. 
In 2013 I
  • Married my love and best friend, Jeremy Pollreisz.
  • Published my first novel, Strong Enough, as an ebook on Amazon and with Smashwords.
  • Invested in my Brand by engaging Jarika Johnson at Will Write For Love.
  • Took a chance and did a Summer Writing Camp with Becky and Ranee.
  • Completed my second novel and am working on edits with Becky, Editor of Fierce Bluntness (my cup of tea).
  • Joined the Ozarks Romance Authors group - amazing group of writers.
  • Attended my first writer's conference, ORAcon2013, and it was fan-freakin-tastic.
No matter what hardships tried to distract me in 2013, it was a wonderful year. I embrace only the good and in 2014 I look forward to
  • Publishing my second novel, The Anonymous Blog of Mrs. Jones
  • Writing, writing, writing
    • Such as sequel to Strong Enough, Training Wheels, Wanderlust
  • Publishing, publishing, publishing
  • Marketing, marketing, marketing
  • Reading, reading, reading
  • and of course, turning 40
The rest will come in waves of unexpected glory or daily doses of joy.