Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Someday - Songs As Chapter Titles

For years, the title of this chapter was simply "Impressions." I searched for a song with this name because I liked the idea of first impressions. However, Someday as a chapter title speaks about hope--someday when my dreams come true; someday when my love appears. Someday I will be happy

And then, underneath that title are lyrics by The Strokes:

Innocence wounded by love 

Pain of needing to move on 

Of trusting the next

Or of missing out

In one song, I found the past and future of Whitney and Sadi. Hurrah!

What can I say about The Strokes? Was it a moral imperative that I use them? Yes. However, because it's The Strokes and I'm merely human, I had to dig deep, dig deeper, and seek help amongst the masses. I trolled the music boards before I was convinced I was worthy to use this song.  

How does the music apply to the chapter? At first listen, the rhythm of Someday is upbeat and peppy--oh so Whitney. She's been promoted, for pity sake! Someday is always before her. She's "wasting no more time."  

But buried in the center, like the core of a Lindt chocolate, is a delicious scene that surived revision after revision. It's the "Meet Cute," Sadi style.

Walking into Impressions (Marc's restaurant), emotionally armored to the fringes of her pixie cut, Sadi's encounter with Marc was fated to be strange. Through every version she fought a monster salad, dropped her fork, and waved to the crowd like a beauty Queen. Even when mortified, Sadi has the fortitude to laugh it off. This is the first moment we genuinely see the measure of her character.  
And now my fears
They come to me in threes
So I, sometimes say, "Fate my friend,
You say the strangest things I find, sometimes."

At the same time, life is about expectations and Sadi expects disaster and regret, operating so she can be in control of those outcomes. For Sadi, this line is her mantra: 

See, alone we stand, together we fall apart

Enter Marc. He was a fun and frustrating character to write. Attraction or not, he refuses to feed into Sadi's preconceived notions of what he must be. Or of my expectations, to be honest. Sadi is comfortable making the first move because she often overwhelms men. She assumes Marc is the same. No, he's an individual so he behaves like an unknown entity. I loved seeing Sadi the Strong rocked by an embarassing encounter--nothing more Meet Cute than mistaken identity. I loved writing the miscommunication and establishing Marc's challenge. 

The stakes for happiness are set in this chapter. Whitney is challenged to prove her worth. Sadi is challenged to discover hers.

Take some time with the album, Is This It. It's ripe with possiblities. It was hard to choose just one song.