Sunday, July 21, 2013

In Conclusion - Thoughts on My First Blog Tour

July 1st was the last day of my blog tour organized by Vade Mecum BT. The winners have received their free copies of Strong Enough and I'm wrapping up the mailing of swag.

It's time to think about how my first tour went. Sometimes you just have to pick a life vest and jump in. Chri and Meg of Vade Mecum are lovely women with whom I enjoyed working. They kept me afloat. 

Overall it was successful and I know better what to focus on for future promotions. Meg and Chri worked hard, were always accessible, and provided prompt answers to my questions. However, early on YA got mixed into my description and I believe too many YA bloggers were asked to read my novel. I've nothing against YA but my book doesn't fit that genre. My description was contemporary romance/women's fiction.

I learned from the blog tour, and the subsequent reviews, that New Adult is an interesting genre for Strong Enough. What a great discovery! Chick Lit also works well, but I wasn't surprised by that one. 

In hindsight, I'd pad more prep time to give the author a chance to review the possible blogs. This isn't a thumb or thumb down death sentence so much as a chance to ask if the blogger is fully aware of the material. Nor is this all on Vade Mecum. I asked for a fast turn around and had no ideas how it should come together.

Initially, more reviews were scheduled than happened and a few bloggers didn't follow through. The topic changes were a little frustrating but if a blogger doesn't keep their commitment, that is solely on them. 

Strong Enough received wonderful reviews and was hosted by several exceptional blogs. Honestly, it was pretty wild doing interviews--definitely a learning curve. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing excerpts and creating answers for character interviews. Another blog tour would be fun and worthwhile.

I believe Chri and Meg's fledgling Vade Mecum BT has a lot to offer. These two young women have experience with other tour sites, passion for assisting authors, and an admirable diligence. Vade Mecum will only grow stronger as they continue to strive forward. I happily give my blog tour experience

Thank you ladies of Vade Mecum BT!

Tour Reviews for Strong Enough:

Stephanie of "The Boyfriend Bookmark"
"This book was nothing like what I was expecting. It was a look into the world behind the music on the radio. It was a book about taking chances, starting over, finding yourself and discovering who your friends are."

Rebecca of "Vicariously"
"I'm going to breathe for a minute. I just finished reading this beautiful baby and the nostalgia that's waxing poetic in my head is completely overwhelming."

Brandee of "Bookworm Brandee"
"Strong Enough is a powerful novel. It's a story of self-discovery, of growing up, of changing perceptions and expectations. And it's poignantly told. It was amazing!"

Ellen of "The Canon"
"I feel like Strong Enough is one of those books I will read again and again, mostly because the characters are so extraordinarily vibrant. From the first page, each and every one of them stuck in my mind due to the personalities and traits described through Whitney's eyes."

Angie of "Pink Fluffy Hearts"
"This book was truly a pleasant surprise to me. I was immediately drawn into the novel by the main character, Whitney, and able to relate to her to a big degree. I too, was raised in a small town in the mid-west, and could relate to her 'average'ness, and to her desire to rise above it, start over and create a new life for herself."

Susan of "My Cozy Corner"
"Ellen pens 'Strong Enough' a well written story about making decisions, starting over and friendship. Her main characters were realistic and believable, although there were many characters to follow, I really didn't have much trouble keeping up. A great debut novel that will keep you turning the pages."

Salima of "Salima Korri"
"Reading just the first few chapters grasped my attention immediately. It reminded me so much of the film 'Radio Rebel'.... This book does just that but tells the story from the perspective of an older character, Whitney."