Friday, June 14, 2013

First Ever All Author Blog Blitz, 6/15/13

Y. Correa has gathered together the first ever All Author Blog Blitz to be hosted tomorrow!!! 

I became acquainted with Y. Correa through Goodreads and this opportunity to share more Indie writers. Authors and bloggers know, promotion is tough. So when I read this:

     "The 'All Authors Blog Blitz' is intended to unite Self-Published/Indie Authors in a 1 day event in which we will come together and (for a lack of a better term, lol), blow up the blog world. The idea is for all of us to work together, and blog about one another, and the process create a virtual-web, and is so doing make our selves searchable on the web,"

I decided to try it out. After I joined the group, I was designated two blog buddies: one to host me and the other for me to host. How we're matched up only Y. Correa knows, but I may have to interview her after this AABB to discuss how she brought all these different people together. 

The design is simple and effective. It doesn't matter where you start, when you click the link to the featured author's information, their personal blog will feature a new author and book. 

Tomorrow, I'll post the information of a fellow indie author. Stay tuned!

My hostess will be Janet Lee Berg - another author battle tested by a long journey with a manuscript. She can feel my pain, but we both made it this far so please support us both and visit our blogs and then hop on out from there!