Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In a Little While - Songs As Chapter Titles

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In a Little While was one of the first songs by Uncle Kracker that actually pierced my skull and made me pause for a listen. This selection is the country rock contribution to the playlist. I initially picked it for the feel. The tempo makes it a great 'early in the story' song - still carefree but prophetic as it encapsulates so much of the novel and sets a groove. 

To me, the song feels like kicking back with a beer, content with life in the moment. The lyrics tell a different tale. It's touched with cynicism. It's about change and possibly unrequited ... appreciation. There is angst and heartbreak; perfect for the reveal of Leah's Phase 3 and Gabe's role in it.

Have you ever just read the lyrics? This is what I used to do in college when I was weighed down by the heavy unknown--the giant question marks of who I was, wanted to be, and would be while I avoided impending reality semester by semester. I sat in my room with giant headphones holding the music close to me in a private embrace, protecting me from ridicule as I became deeply involved with Indigo Girls and Dave Matthews Band through their lyrics.

Since the evolution of iTunes, I don't have liner notes. I have a search engine, though. It's not quite the same--mostly because I don't have the abundance of time to simple be with music. However, as I wrote Strong Enough, I spent a lot of time with many songs that felt like a Midwest novel. After a while, this song harmonized with the moment about Phase 3 and became its musical identity.

The album title, No Stranger to Shame, is also ideal for Whitney as she finds herself suddenly living in the past, tending to a weepy Leah just like she did in college. It even describes Gabe and his role in Phase 3.

My question to readers is, does this song highlight Whitney with Leah

Or does it sum up Gabe with Leah? 

In the end, Whitney will see Leah differently.

 *Edits are mine to emphasize Whitney