Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Creating an Idea Line

The Idea Line was first 'thunk' up over coffee with friends. As mentioned in Tweeteasock with Peanut Butter, my mentor Jo suggested a clothes line and I went nuts on Etsy, shopping for the perfect pieces.

Click pics to look at the goodies!
The purpose of the line is to organize lists, scraps of paper with quickly jotted notes, and random story prompts, keeping them in  plain sight. I hate desk clutter and stacking notes tends to hide awesome possibilities. The Idea Line allows me to stare at ideas while leaning back in my chair as I ponder blog posts or music to buy.
The candle doesn't hang on my idea line, but it is a story prompt.

I found amazing clothesline clips in an Etsy store. I bought both sets featuring a 1922 dictionary's definitions for sale on KK's Candles, LLC. The one to the left is "spontaneous." The order came quickly and the individual packaging was stunning. As I untied one piece, I was inspired by the string and bought basic hemp twine for my line, as well as some fun scissors to create interesting shapes for notes.
Way too much fun.

As with all of my projects, the process is as important as the outcome. In this instance, playing was magic, turning me 7 again. (If you've lost the art of playing, I say buy some some color pencils and funky scissors. I spent hours cutting and coloring, my tongue sticking out, my creative soul stimulated in ways unimagined when I began this project... or buy a dump truck and take the hose in the back yard. I dunno!)

"Graffiti" ideas and a reader's note.

The Dictionary Clip here is "succeed"

The function of the Idea Line is everything I dreamed it could be. Plus, I stick a variety of notes up there: music to buy, blog topics, one line inspirations, contacts!
500 Acres

I found an interesting article in a weekly business paper about a 72,000 square foot mansion. The details of the article faded away as I drafted a story using just such a monstrosity. It hangs on the line, ready to be used. How would you use an estate that's the "modern version of the Jeffersonian ideal of self-sufficient [and] sustainable"?

I love looking up and seeing my inspirations hanging there. In fact, I've been more adventurous, seeing story ideas everywhere just so I can clip them to the line. It truly is an Idea Line.
My portion of the office. I love my desk!

Requires: hemp twine, two hooks, clips, scissors, coloring, fun   $15