Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Need Your Feedback!!!

I'm struggling with the final version of my book cover. I don't want to be inflexible with the professional working on it, but maybe I'm too close to the project? Thus, I'd like for everyone to rate three covers. I'm hoping that opinions from a wide variety of opinionated people with nothing invested will reveal what works and what doesn't. Hold nothing back! Well, please be polite and don't tell me it looks like the iguana turd your ferret just ate and barfed up. Merci.

You can simply vote, or vote and leave a comment. Please vote by selecting one of the standard check boxes featured at the bottom of each post (in the comment section). I've indicated which picture correlates with which box. (These titles are not a reflection of how you feel about the cover. By clicking that box, you indicate that is the cover you like best.)

The novel genre is Women's Fiction: "Women's fiction is just that--fiction about women's issues for a female readership. However, it is not the same as chick lit or romance. While utilizing literary prose, women's fiction is very commercial in its appeal. Its characters are often women attempting to overcome both personal and external adversity.  Although women's fiction often incorporates grave situations such as abuse, poverty, divorce, familial breakdown, and other social struggles, it can also explore positive aspects within women's lives. Romantic love stores are also part of women's fiction, and although loves stories are found in chick lit and romance, the mature depth and tone of their development within women's fiction set them apart from other genre classifications."

This will be published as an E-book for now.

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Thank you!