Sunday, July 3, 2011

Twitteasock with Peanut Butter!

It's Random Friday! Didn't know that? Yeah, I just made it up.

Twitter was my big landmark event this past week. (Thanks so much to Tess and Elisa for their twitter aid. They blasted me into their twitter-spheres and I'm super grateful.) Yes, I had a slow week but every now and again, a slow week is exactly right. Sometimes a slow week lets you sit back and appreciate random little things.

I assure you that I've not been focused entirely on Twitter. In fact, I had tea with two wonderful writers Friday morning. It began mostly as a gab session but we got on track with our zine discussion. The illustrious Jenn is wrapping up the first edition of A Radical Notion and I'm super excited to read it.

Two other things came of having tea:
  • A wonderful idea for organizing notes
  • A new Friday plan
I was bemoaning the need for yet another cork-board to pin up all the various ideas I have floating in my head. I swear I just got rid of two boards a year ago because I stopped using them due to Scrivener. Jo of The Happy Camper blog suggested I string a line and clip up my various ideas to float above me. So I came home and did another thing I've never done. I Esty shopped. Then I tweeted about it. OMG.

I'm still an awkward tweet-er. I felt foolish for adding a non-writing tweet (not that any of my tweets have had anything to do with writing) but this felt too far into the world of "I'm opening the front door. I'm stepping outside. I'm watering my plant." Let me assure you, my Etsy Tweet was all about writing as I purchased fabulous clothes-line clips for my new Idea Line. (You can find it at @motherstuttered.)

The second discovery/decision was the Friday plan: two Fridays a month I will rise ridiculously early so the dogs and I can walk four miles before the heat begins to suffocate us all. (We were dying by 7:45.) Then I'll take my laptop to the coffee shop to enjoy writing and tea. I think some off-site one-on-one with Chai is just what I need. 

Are you still scratching your head over my post title: Twitteasock with Peanut Butter? Twit. Tea. Sock. Okay, you have the first two but WTH does Sock have to do with Peanut Butter?

When I started mentally composing a blog post Friday morning, I was drawn to write about a special little creature.

Peanut Butter (and Reese on right)
Miniature German Shepherd?
Peanut came into my life in 2005 after I lost everything. She was a rescue from Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) and it was love at first sight. I saw her through the glass of a visitation room. Her ears were down and her eyes pleading. While talking with the worker at ARF, we sat in the room and Peanut climbed into my lap. She and I decided we were meant to be together and informed ARF. Over the last six years we've grown closer and closer every day. I love the little freak but to say she's an odd dog is to describe the 107 heat index in MO as warmish.

Peanut is my Marine. When I hold her in my arms, she sits up ram-rod straight with a very serious expression. She's all work and little play. Need a rat exterminated? Peanut's your girl. Want her to sit in your lap? Uhhhh.....

You WILL do as I say

She's bossy with the other dogs (No playing, bark bark bark! Stop that, bark bark bark!) but she's my faithful hiker and has proudly delivered to me two large rats--thankfully dead. (I don't miss Oakland rats.)

But lately, I've noticed a delightful trend with my Drill Sargent. She's taken to snuggling my socks while I'm away at work. My "I just wore them walking and stuffed them in my shoe" socks. Nine out of ten times, it's stolen from the left shoe. My left foot is obviously more deliciously pungent.

Momma Dog (though not related)
Friday morning, while puttering around the house after our walk, I found her curled up with her muzzle snuggled into my Smart Wool anklet. It delights me to know our bond is so tight that even when I'm home, she sneaks into the closet and takes my scent to bed with her.

It's good to enjoy the random. 

A special thanks to everyone who is following me on twitter already! Merci Elisa, Tess, Jennifer, Nicole, Kathy, Glenn, Ann, Bailey, Jennifer E, Holly, Laura, Cody, Let's Book It, CJ, and Carol!
Perimeter is secure, M'am.
Securing the perimeter.