Monday, January 27, 2014


I'm a noodler. I enjoy trimming prose until it's tighter, leaner, meaner. But when is editing a liability? Maybe when you're changing strong words for slightly better.

I'm a perfectionist. I want the best word choice and impact. But I used to noodle out of fear. 

The years it took me to finish Strong Enough is fodder for many blog posts. Dozens of reasons help make excuses for why it took so long, but only three matter:

1) I didn't live to finish my novel. It was a hobby
2) I had no clue what I was doing
3) Scared to let go of my baby, I noodled and noodled and noodled

Once I released Strong Enoughthe three monsters above shriveled into raisins. I could heed the advice of other writers: 

  • Find an editor 
  • Delegate to professionals 
I leapt into my second novel and churned it out in months, not years, proving writing was no longer a clueless hobby. Plus I was hooked on a special connection I made with several readers. What a high!

Taking your writing seriously makes the excuses slink away. Not that they aren't hovering, waiting to return. It's a constant battle to believe but each success makes a difference. That and learning to distinguish the good editing from the bad.

I'm eager to noodle Anonymous Blog of Mrs. Jones not because I'm scared, but because I want it to shine. And I won't edit forever. I'm far too eager to share.