Monday, June 13, 2011

Decisions Are The Worst

With what am I grappling, you ask? (I know, I kind of made you.) Well, since you asked, I'm in a calm, quiet place right now which means I ought to begin a new project. But which one? I have one that feels timely for the market--timely with an expiration date. Another story has over 50,000 words already written but the research and nuanced editing will take a few years. And I have a Regency Romance burning, yearning to be written that I was saving for NaNoWriMo this November.

So what's the deal? Well, I've been invested in Strong Enough for twice as long as my former marriage. Plus, I've been so intimately involved with my characters that they told me what they would and would not do--how do I accept that they're grown and don't need me anymore? Ultimately, I'm finding it hard to start again. I feel rutterless, drifting in the breeze even though I have several boats to sail--the modern motor boat, sleek and fast; the futuristic ship that needs no water; and finally, the charming sail boat, captured inside a bottle. I'm not without options.

For now, I'm going to outline the timely modern motor boat. I'll gather my notes and images, peg them to my Scrivener cork board. I'll meet the characters and assume some things about them until they feel prepared to correct me. Maybe I'll sit with my notes surrounding me in a circle as I chant and conjure a time-line.

I would love to hear from others how they started the next big project. Tips, techniques, tools -- lay 'em on me.

If you can identify the movie I quoted in the title, I'll .... be very impressed. Post your answers in the comments! Oh okay, I'll give one clue--Ivy from Days.