Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pirated Guilty Pleasure

The amazing, wonderful, just-reached-200-followers, power of humor packed blog by CJ Duggan features this delightful Wednesday challenge. Can you handle admitting your Guilty Pleasure?

My name is Ellen Lynn and my featured guilty pleasure is THE PIRATE MOVIE

If you are unaware of this delightful little treasure, let me tell you what you're missing! 
1. Swashbuckling
2. The Pirate of Penzance, 80's style, baby
3. Romance
4. Double entendres out the wazoo
5. Giant cod pieces
6. Early CG
8. Genuine 80's clothing
9. Kristie McNichol (remember her?)
10. Blue Lagoon's Christopher Atkins (did he do any other movies besides BL and PM?)
11. Dancing Bobbies
12. Orphans
13. Bikinis and high heels

Need I say more?

I want a happy ending! And I get it with this painfully hilarious movie. It's hard to find, but I highly recommend it. (Pssst. If you're in the market to buy, check out Sasquatch Video.) I recently bought the DVD for my boyfriend who also loves this classic. We laughed and groaned and re-discovered a favorite. Unlike the Last Unicorn, this was just as much fun for me now as it was over twenty years ago.