Friday, May 20, 2011

Blizt: 100 Word Story

A former professor and friend let some of us know about a new One Hundred Word Story Zine. I liked the challenge so I dove in. I've been trying to write about the apartment fire in which I lost nearly everything. It's feeling more bloggy than short story. SO, I decided to try telling my experience in the 100 word story challenge. Here are the results:

Shattering glass invades my dreamless sleep. Incensed growling adds confusion. I reach for my eyeglasses, the night illuminated by unnaturally orange light. Once in focus, reality faints away as fire eats the living room ceiling, slinking forward with the prowess of a predator.
At first I’m stranded in a furnace. The heat binds me; the fury of the carnage leaves me lobotomized. Then I’m dragged outside to cool black air pierced by sirens answering an unnatural mating call.
I whisper, “fire!” embarrassed I’ve caused a ruckus. Trapped inside, my history succumbs, relinquishing its hold on me.