Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So even though a certain piss-ant and a certain Colorado Mama feel betrayed, I have joined facebook. I did it kicking and screaming, clawing at every surface, but I'm on.

A particular friend whose life is about to get extra busy with a bundle of joy asked me to join - as an easier way to communicate. She's a person for whom I'd do anything I possibly could, so I didn't have a good reason to refuse.

What I expected to dislike - the rampant friend requests from people I didn't like the first time or barely knew abounds. It's an uncomfortable situation to ignore a request but frankly, the idea of having 100's of "friends" in some sort of quest for status bugs me. It did the first time, too - in junior high.

However, I am not hating it like I anticipated. In fact, some of it has been down right hysterical. So what is it I like? Well, I originally hoped to update people through this blog. The crickets are welcome. And then there's the flicker page. Don't know what I'm talking about, do ya? SO now I can update people and actually know that someone sees it. That is definitely more useful than this work of isolation.