Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why I'm Against Uni-sex Restrooms

Don't give me that look. This is both pertinent and relevant. In fact, it's story gold.

At my office building I suffer a public restroom situation. I avoid the one in our suite because a few years ago I was irreparably scarred by the experience. (I work with men which on the plus side means I can skip make-up most mornings. Sure sometimes the say, "You look nice!" But that's only when I'm dressed like I have an interview. They notice that. Paranoid wenches.)

Unfortunately the two unmarked water closets in the hall are also rooms with a single toilet and a sink. This means that there's urine on the floor, the seat, the sink, the walls and door handle. I swear men are agitated sprinklers. 

So every time I enter an unmarked restroom, I think about the trend to make public restrooms uni-sex. 


I'm sorry but using the same toilet as a whole slew of men offends me deeply. When it comes to toilets, I'm not playing the PC game. (Not that I ever do. Political Correctness is for pussies.) 

I say, if genderless restrooms don't have urinals, men must pee outside.