Thursday, February 27, 2014


The first novel is a powerful teacher - a nurturing lover...

"Take your time,"  Strong Enough said in a soft whisper. "Slow down. Enjoy."

When I was frustrated, I'd pout in a silent corner only to return, hugging the wall, hoping SE wouldn't make me beg. 

"Try again," SE said, turning the light back on.

We fought a few times but I always returned, eager to join our rhythm. Over and over through ups and downs, SE and I moved together.

Once I got near the end, I rushed to release. It wasn't an explosion. More like falling off a short cliff. 

But I lit up. 

SE helped me be strong enough. It showed me the way. Our time together now over, I left for another. I took all that SE taught me - every lesson I couldn't hear before - and learned to slow down each day. To make more minutes count.

As I near the next big release, I know while SE will always be my first, it will not be my last. 

Hello new lover. Let's nurture each other.