Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Failed Attempt

Unlike DIY blogs that make every project appear perfectly effortless, I'm chronicling it all.

My office upgrade takes second to writing and the holidays shoved it down even further, but to be honest, I'm intimidated to sew a chair cover. Without a pattern. For the first time in my life. After sewing only straight seams for curtains.

Because that's me. I took painting courses before drawing. Yes, bass-ackwards supposedly works for me.

The Fabric
Case in point: last fall, I decided to test my skills on a far more simple project than my office reading chair--an elastic trimmed cover for my oval glass coffee table. The pattern concept a basic shower cap fit. 

My mother came over to give moral support and guidance (she of the famed "I-sewed-dining-room-chair-covers-the-day-of-a-party-while-massively-pregnant-with-you"). First, without a plan or pattern, we cut the oval too small. Then my mother left because watching me pin and re-pin was uber boring. It took a total seven rounds of pin-play (and ripping out stitches) to get the fit just right. 

The cover was smooth and taut, barely gripping the edges, but it worked. I noted the age-old wisdom of making a sample with plain, thin material and vowed to do that for the chair.

Sadly, I have no picture of the table cover to share because someone forgot to pre-wash her material. After a party that included a vodka shot penalty for missed movie quotes*, the table cover needed to be washed and never again will it stretch across.

But at least I have a sample and experience for next time!

* 1 person per team took the shots because they weren't driving, and the penalties were maxed out at a certain count. Otherwise, some people would be in a coma. After my first shot, I think I yelled out, "Taxi Driver" for anything obviously not romantic.