Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Write With a Saw

I posted a quip on twitter and facebook that resonated with a few friends. 
It was amazing to see the number of people respond with a "like" or comment. 

Next I needed to sharpen my saw for that pesky wall.

There's no doubt I'm on the right path with a new scene, but the wall I ran into was a minor character. I know very little about her and it silenced the tapping of keys. Last night I stared at the blinking cursor, typing one word after another like the keyboard was coated in quick-dry cement. 

Today I got out the reinforcements: 
1) Power Drill - check
2) Chain Saw - check
3) 20 questions - yee haw!

To break through, a writing buddy asked basic character questions. "Is she an only child?" "What is her job?" "Does she have a favorite food?"

Not being in control of the order made it impossible to anticipate or fixate on questions. Lacking answers, I grabbed paper and wrote the questions down. Randomness kept me dancing all over and it was fun

My favorite question? "What is her superpower?" (Always a good one.)
Damn if I know. Oh wait. Yes, I do. She's human truth serum. People can't lie around her. 


Oh hell yeah.