Friday, October 4, 2013

Double Entendres Boost Post Views

It's an awesome marketing tool. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I did it on accident. Twice.

Like many bloggers, I'm intrigued by which posts have the biggest draw. I wrote a loving tribute about ice cream and Italy that remains my most viewed. Wonder why?

Let's play a word game. Since I'm the only one present as I type, I'll provide a title and then answer with the first thought that comes to my mind. My mind.

Answer: Ice Cream!

Yeah, you can see how I got in a pickle with that one. 

One more word game to capture my naivete. 

Title: Super Tool
Answer: Scrivener! Why, what did you think?

What can I say? I rock the double endentre. And both posts remain my biggest features. 

It's something to think about. 

Now pardon me while I go play with my super tool to perfect my *techinique while enjoying a double magnum day. 

* Yeah, Techniques is my 3rd most visited post. <shrug>