Monday, July 8, 2013


Hullo Blogworld, readers, reviewers, writers, and voyeurs! It's nice to be back. 

I spent nine glorious days with family. Some of it was stressful (stupid directions). Some of it involved anger and snapping tongues (small space filled with strong personalities). But most of it was wonderful. We paddled in kayaks and a canoe, boiled lobster and grilled shrimp, got the boat working and ate ice cream at Draw Bridge Ice Cream Shoppe in Mystic. At the heart of all that loveliness, I got to enjoy watching my step children as they experienced Stonington, CT for the first time. See, I brought my new family together with my childhood. There was an assortment of cousins and sisters, an aunt and uncle, a niece and nephew all descending upon my new family. 

We had a blast. 

I took time to savor the joining of my two worlds. Past, present, and future dug their toes into the sand and laughed together. So w
hile I let go of my daily duties and just enjoyed being, a funny thing happened. I enjoyed my life and it, in turn, refreshed my daily goals and dreams. 

See, I let my blog, writing, and networking all float for a while. They had their own rafts to ride while I sprawled without aid in the buoyant Long Island sound. As the sun baked my skin (and I refused to care beyond the application of sunscreen), my brand browned, too, like a friend on an adjoining towel. 

The night I returned home, I regrouped with my consultant, Jarika Johnson of Will Write for Love, and wrote "I plugged into my life and now I can use that to remodel my brand." That expression pleased me, capturing the nature of a subtle transformation. Jarika highlighted the same phrase. Vacation wasn't an escape from hard work. It was a time to let things float on their own terms for a moment instead of poking at them with a stick and yelling, "PERFORM!"

The rest of July will be spent in hardcore writing as I get my lazy butt kicked around at writer's boot camp. I can't wait. How much will I blog this month? I'm not sure. I'll be around but I'm not going to sweat the numbers (my obsession the last few months). Of course, certain featires about songs will be regularly posted, but more importantly, while I'm writing my next novel (SO EXCITED FOR BOOT CAMP with Ranee and Rebecca), I'll also be remodeling my blog. I could take it down and then reveal it later. I could do that.

But the process is part of what I want to share. 

I'm all about process. So as I play with the blog, if you see something you like, let me know! And vice versa. I'm not looking only for compliments. Whatever you have to say, tell me with respect and I'll hear you. 

It's time to pry this clam shell open and examine the pearl. 

I'm a writer. I'm a step-mom. I'm a wife. Get ready for me.