Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lemon Punch - Songs As Chapter Titles

Label courtesy of PixelTwister Studio
Lemon Punch is the first fictitious song used for a chapter title. In fact, it's not even the name of a song but the 'brand' of alcoholic beverage Whitney peddles at her first promotional event for a local band, Little Izi. 

The title is a nod to her first solo gig and provides no insight into the novel or support of plot arcs. It simply advertises a fun and care-free experience at Backdoorz on a summer night in Sundown's old downtown.

This is probably the most easy going moment for Whitney in the novel. She's achieved a modicum of success, hasn't engaged with Sadi, and meets her singing fireman. It's all potential and possibilities. Not unlike the life promised in a commercial for booze.

As for the band and album names, they hint at a sales jingle--imagine a radio ad for a refreshing new lemonade with an alcohol punch:

So refreshing and cool,
like floating in your own private pool.
Bright and summer fresh,
it keeps you feeling at your best.

With just a touch of a malted punch,
you can even serve it for lunch.
ooo ooo ooo

And it's perfect on the beach
when enjoying the summer heat.
Lemon Punch!

It all serves to keep the chapter focused on a lighthearted life before the free-fall into reality. However, the chapter doesn't simply fade away or lead to the next product. In the final scene, Whitney finishes settling in and learns a little history about Sundown. This is a town of duality--once a hotbed for duels and now a buckle on the Bible Belt. 

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