Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Another Guest Post and Upcoming Events

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Donna at hosted me as a guest today. I discussed arguing with my characters. It's a first look at the main cast and an indication of their individual personalities. I really appreciate opportunities like this and hope you'll take time to investigate Donna's wonderful blog.
<waves goodbye>
I'm sorry, what? 
Do I really argue with my characters? Oh totally.

I bet I know what you're wondering now and yes, when I was very young I had an imaginary friend. But what's even more odd is that each of my legs had distinctive personalities. See, I was right handed so I assumed I was right legged/footed; therefore, I regularly put on my left sock first and tied the left shoe first. The right leg was awfully full of itself but I had to be careful because every now and again, its feelings would get hurt. In more typical kid fashion, I had to have every stuffed animal (even the ugly rejects from my older sisters) on the bed with me at night. It wasn't their fault they were ugly! (one in particular gave me the chills - he looked like a porcupine had mated with a green hedgehog).  

By the way, in junior high I discovered I was left leg dominate. Yup. Now I know why my right leg was so pissy.

Writing about "Strong Enough" on other blogs has been challenging but fun--the various ways to introduce my novel and me makes the spotlight less daunting (to us natural introverts). I've only done a few so far, but each one is helping me gear up for next month and the June blog tour for "Strong Enough" (more details to come). I'm so incredibly excited!!!!!! Shout outs to the awesome Meg and Chri!

Also, one of my future guest posts will be written as a character confession. The options are overwhelming. I'll keep you posted on that one as well.


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