Wednesday, April 17, 2013


May I take this time to say that the bravery of the bystanders at the Boston marathon and the courage of the victims who have awakened to such horror only to be grateful to all those who helped, is an inspiration. I have been glued to the news because I lived in Boston for five years and am friends with at least two runners who ran on Monday (both fine). 

It's an incredible town and so I want to link to a fitting opinion piece by a former teacher titled, "Messing With the Wrong City."

two excerpts:

"Two different friends texted me the identical message yesterday: They messed with the wrong city. This wasn't a macho sentimentl. It wasn't "Bring it on" or a similarly insipid bit of posturing. The poinst wasn't how we were going to mass in the coffee shops of the South End to figure out to retaliate. Law enforcement will take care of that, thank you. No, what a Bostonian means when he or she says "They messed with the wrong city" is "You don't think this changes anything, do you?"


"When the civilian bystanders to the attack ran toward the first blast to give aid to the victims, without a second thought for their own safety, the primary desire of the terrorists--to paralyze a populace with fear--was already thwarted."