Friday, April 5, 2013

Game Face

I've started my next project. Correction, I've focused on one of my next projects.

As I sat before my computer overthinking 359 words, I had to remind myself of tips I've read or given. It went something like this:

I like what I've written but as with all my other false starts on this project, it's not opening material. 
  • Don't worry about your opening. Just write and find the hook later. This is a draft.
So far, it's a little lean on the essence like a skeleton without the muscle
  • DRAFT! Just write for now and develop the strength of the story once the frame is solid. Give me 500 more words, NOW!
I feel a little directionless. Maybe I should return to the outline and plan some more?
  • WRITE! You'll discover more about the characters and plot along the way. You have a basic idea and outline. That's enough. WRITE and things will develop you could never plan.
The character is supposed to be seriously down but I feel like I'm writing in circles, the same thing over and over.
  • You are. Don't worry about it right now. There will be nuggets you can salvage but repetition is normal. STOP OVER THINKING.
I forgot how hard it is when there are so many unknowns - just an idea, a scrap of a theme.
  • The steps don't change. Write every day and be prepared to cut your initial scrap of a theme, if you haven't already. Write until the end even if you come up against a major AH HA moment that changes everything. Editing is the next stage--make notes and move on. Don't get stuck in the editing cycle too soon or you'll sit before your computer staring at 359 words like your working the final draft. Lighten up.
I could let it incubate some more.
  • Dude. You have plenty of material and remember, this is a novella. You've written 50k words in a single month. Start there. Have a draft by the end of April and let May be your detail month.
I need to put on my NaNo face but there's something funny about that. It seems to work best in November. 

As many things as I've written, I'm still intimidated by the beginning so I dedicate this very normal scenerio to all the eager newbies and to all the debut authors starting the next project. I'm told it gets easier. I think that just means you get better at cracking the whip.

Now, where's my flower pot hat?
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