Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2 Steps Forward, 8 Steps Back -- Cha Cha Cha?

Since releasing my novel, I've revised my promotional plan. A few times. In fact, I'm just winging it now. The best laid plans and all. I've no idea what I'm doing so when I read good sounding advice, I revise. It's an impromptu dance with some basic choreography. I've taken a few steps foward, a few steps back, and cha'cha'd with the best of them. 

Mostly I've changed direction and revamped my focus. We do this a lot as writers, don't we? That awesome plan suddenly hits an unyielding wall and we have to part paths with a beloved character, plot point, cover, or marketing plan. It's not new.

In fact, to be an author requires an adaptable spirit. At least, I think so. There's a great need for flexibility, changing direction rapidly and letting go of anything that doesn't work. We can't all be Ginger Rogers, right? Well, some of us have to be--like indie authors, for example. Traditional publishing is to Fred Astaire as self-publishing is to Ginger Rogers!