Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Inspiration at the End of a Moody Day

I didn't accomplish much today. My TO DO list is scaring me. So I searched the internet for that perfect ping of promise and discovered Molly Greene through twitter. I've followed for a bit but the thing about twitter? I see maybe 5 of the hundreds of potentially inspiring links. I'm starting to get this twitter/marketing thing. Tweet like crazy. Produce. Share. Find. Repeat. Caffeine. Whimper. Do it again. .... oh wait, I moved onto an exercise program.

Finally, today twitter and my eyeballs met across a screen and shared a few moments where I was the only girl in the universe. The one that sent me tabbing to my blog was a post Molly wrote mid-March called "What do you really, really want?"

It wasn't the first post I read. There were other titles that met my needs but I was curious. I was curious AND I had the Spice Girls singing in my head.

Needless-to-say, the Spice Girls were quickly evicted and my excitement rose. Before I even finished, I planned to do the exercise and then send it to Molly. 

First off, what I love so much about this particular offering is that it's for everyone! I often think about who is reading me as I ramble on my blog. Authors? Reviewers? Curiosity seekers looking for that rush of finding something answering their current mood? This particular question and exercise doesn't exclude anyone (a feat I admire). It's applicable to bloggers of all shades--reviewers, readers, authors, dabblers, journalers, etc, and just about anyone who has asked (or is afraid to ask) "What do you really, really want?" 

So I'm going to answer and share. Meet you here, soon, around the witching hour and I'll tell you what I really, really want.