Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Let the Fun Begin!"

she says with just a minor wave of apprehension. 

I know Strong Enough is a good book. I know some will really enjoy it. I also know that some will not. What's new is that this is no longer happening in the far and distant future like a much dreaded roller-coaster ride. No, I have just boarded the car and am pulling down the shoulder harness. 

There will be soaring highs and plunging lows. 

Have I mentioned that I don't like roller coasters?

Anyway, here's a shout out to my first book referral! WOOT and thanks JJ, The Girl in the Cat Frame Glasses

For anyone looking for an editor, this gal has the chops. She's just bursting onto the editor-for-hire scene, so she might undercut her competitors! (She did not offer this. I'm just suggesting it's a possibility...)

I do believe the Girl in the Cat Frame Glasses will be working up a review, too.