Monday, February 11, 2013

Blog Feedback

Dear readers, I am seeking quick and easy feedback on my blog. I have at the bottom of each post three places to check off your enjoyment. They rarely get used. I am certain a big reason is because when I created them, I amused myself by labeling the options as:   LOL    Cheers     Woot!

Not a lot to distinguish them, eh? Nor a chance to say BORING. AWFUL. GET A REAL JOB

It's time to improve those feedback check boxes. I will happily take suggestions.

But I would also like to ask any and all who read my blog to check something to let me know you were here and a) smiled a fraction of an inch b) finished the post c) support me, or d) have a pulse. Obviously, if you have time to leave a comment and are so inclined, that would be most welcome. But just a pat to say hi would be appreciated. Yes, there's a pageview counter but I have become suspicious of certain traffic. ;)

Thanks to Shannon for reminding me that most people own smart phones/iPads/tablets. I don't--it's a budget thing--so I view my blog on a nice 24" screen. 

My phone

My preferred tablet