Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hibernation is OVER

Dear Blog. I’ve missed you. But obviously not so much as to write. J

I’ve been stewing over a blog entry – awareness of my absence making it an awkward return – when I saw CJ has taken her NaNo novel to the next level. Now that is cause to celebrate and post a HUZZAH! I am pleased for this eager writer who demonstrates the determination necessary to succeed. Let’s lift her up and celebrate; embrace this enthusiastic reminder of what it takes and get busy, y’all!

As I wrap up the final edits to SE (and pleased as punch I am with the plot finessing), I am also thrilled with the first draft of Lily. However, my latest problem is that I have three strong novels from which to choose for my next project warring with a strong desire to start a totally new novel. Is this a form of procrastination/distraction, OR does the brewing story require attention because of a similar heartbeat to SE? I have not decided. Time will only tell as I push forward. I am not good at simultaneously writing/editing various projects. Due to a limited writing time, I must pick one and be utterly faithful to it. Well, except for NaNo. OMD. NaNo is a time of debauchery – permission, nay encouragement, to cheat on your primary project. I love it and will continue to use its powerful influence but it does mess up my regular writerly-bio-rhythms.

After NaNo, I took December off because, HELLO! It’s the holidays. But what happened? I’ve been distracted for most of 2012 - by politics, being the maid-of-honor in an uber special wedding, and getting engaged. Distracted isn’t the right word for the last two items. Those were/are joys. In fact, I exercised creativity in my role as MOH. (I organized a group to buy a KitchenAid Artisan mixer and surprised the most unsurprisable bride in the world. T is like a bloodhound when it comes to surprises but we did it! Nearly three months of keeping such a secret was no small feat so I’ll be patting myself on the back for years to come.) I had way too much fun with other presents, but it was a great way to keep my creative juices pumping as I wrote and edited next to nothing.

As a bride, I’m just getting started but my TO DO list is short and sweet, so I expect it to be 90% joy and 10% task. (A second time bride is often wiser.)

Lastly, I blame the Mars Retrograde for my inertia. J

By the very erratic bouncing of this post, you may discern why I have not posted in some time! I’ve pondered the difficulty at length and balked at writing what felt like the same excuse over and over and over. However, the fact is, I cannot maintain a blog while working a full-time job and writing fiction. It was so much fun when I had entire days to dedicate to research, reading, writing, and editing. I was so effective! It’s hard to let it go (for now), but I will return to the life of a writer. In the interim, this blog must be a distant second as I maintain my writerly focus. I hope a new thematic POV will develop to help focus my entries. We’ll see. And in the meantime, I’ll change directions, topics, tactics and intention on a regular basis. J