Sunday, May 1, 2011

Personal Submissions

So I've been submitting some of my writing to various sites. The poem I mentioned in my post A Portrait of The Artist As a Young Woman is now available on Books Ahoy's "Literary Spotlight"Guidelines was my immediate response to the rejection letter and submission guidelines I received from Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Elsie Love seeks short stories and poems to feature on her website. I followed her directions and dusted off an old piece entitled Flying Over Denver, I Met Myself and Arrived Twice in One Night. Please check out Elsie's site and my story. Be sure to vote in the poll at the end of the page, and click the Facebook like button on the homepage!

Locally, a zine is starting called "A Radical Notion" (it also has a facebook page). I've already submitted my poem Let Me Introduce Myself and am working on a short story written just for the zine. The launch is in June so I'll write up a proper post to highlight this exciting endeavor and the woman behind it.

There are so many opportunities to inspire writers. It's been a fantastic kick in the pants for me. I can no longer procrastinate due to future submission dates or long applications or $25 submission fees. The variety of sites, voices, and enthusiasm is incredible. I appreciate all the marvelous people cultivating creativity. Thank you for giving me wonderful new things to read, and wonderful places to submit my writing.

So now I call on you, my fellow writers! Dust, edit, and submit. We want to read you!