Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hopelessly Devoted To You

Dog Stories. I'm full of 'em and while I won't spend all my time on that subject, there will be a few blogs here and there dedicated to the fabulousness of all things dog.

For this year's Holiday Party (and yes, my firm says Holiday Party since one of the partners is Jewish) we went to Ruth Chris and had steak. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I brought home 2/3 of my ribeye and enjoyed it again on Sunday and again for Monday's lunch. I was undecided on whether or not to let the dogs sample my tasty bone because cooked bones are not good for dogs - they shatter and splinter too easily. However, before I'd actually decided Peanut found the tasty morsel in my work bag and so the chew was on.

I wrestled it from her before all h*)) broke loose. In order to achieve maximum safety and thorough enjoyment, I tossed Peanut out of the bedroom and laid down on the floor to hold the bone for Reese. Reese is a 12 pound dude who finds all things difficult to hold and chew. His jaws are as strong as a tissue - tug-of-war consists of me and Reese against Peanut - so I held the bone while he chewed. He only had 15 minutes.

He slobbered and slathered, gnawed and snorted. He tugged and scraped and his eyes were black with the wild urge of dogginess. After four songs played on iTunes I yelled "Time!" and tossed him out. Peanut was permitted into the bedroom and I once again held the bone - but this time it was for control. I wanted to be able to take that bone whenever I felt like it. So once again I laid on the floor while a dog with shark black eyes gnawed and slobered. Peanut was able to pull off the last remnants of meaty morsels. The fierce animalness in her eyes was fascinating and I wished I could manage a picture but I wasn't touching my camera with those hands.

After Peanut's 15 it was time for Keaton, my roommate's dog, to have his go. SO, I tossed my pups back into the bedroom and gave Keaton the bone. I left it up to Shaleece to determine when he was finished and finally washed my hands.